Hairstory | Culture, Beauty, & Identity

Hairstory: Culture, Beauty & Identity, represents some unique characteristics within the African and African American community. Even though beauty is skin deep, hair, believe it or not, plays a huge role in our everyday lives. This has some history and importance to black women today. Art work from Andrea Pippins, Sonya Clark, Ojo Agi, Sarah Golish and T.S. Abe have influenced me during my artistic exploration. All of these established artists have work that relates back to black women and the black community as well.

For this project, I explored and celebrated the many ways that African and African American women wear their hair. As an end result, I’ve created a collection of wearable textile patterns that represent black beauty.

Mary E copy-10.jpg
Mary E copy-04.jpg
Mary E copy-08.jpg
Mary E copy-11.jpg
Mary E copy-09.jpg
Mary E copy-05.jpg
Mary E copy-06.jpg
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